She’s so creative and so willing to take ideas and run with it.

“She’s a collaborator, we’ve done meetings together and it doesn’t matter that I live halfway around the world from her. She’s just a sweetheart, a team player, and love and such delight to work with.

She’s so creative and so willing to take ideas and run with it. Hazel, I’m so grateful that you’ve come into my life and have elevated me with my business and I know that you are going to be amazing for anyone who wants to work with you.”

Life Coach, Empowered Living

Hazel helped us improve and evolve our systems overtime.

“Hazel did a phenomenal job. She’s extremely detailed, has a great high ability to follow directions, comes back with great clarifying questions to make sure she knows exactly what’s expected and then delivers exactly what’s expected.

She’s great at helping us tweak and improve our internal systems overtime so that we, not only get better once, but actually continue to get better and the positive changes build upon each other. She helps us do that with the way that she approaches the work and the way the she helps us improve and evolve our systems overtime.”

Marketing Agency Founder, Podcaster, and Musician

Hazel helped me with things that I didn’t even think about when launching a course.

“She was able to set up my email sequences in ConvertKit and helped me with things that I didn’t even think about when launching a course. She was such a huge help to me and she got a long list of things that she can do. I’m so grateful that I found her.”

Developmental Therapist & Blogger, Milestone Mom

Few reasons why you would love to work with Hazel…

  • Resourceful and solution-oriented

  • Positive and loves taking on a challenge!

  • Creative, collaborator, and has exceptional communication skills

  • Organized, efficient, and effective

  • Open to direct & honest feedback

Client Portfolio


  • 5 Clickfunnel lead magnet funnels moved to the WordPress site.
  • ActiveCampaign Email Sequences
  • 5 pages site built in Leadpages for the Book launch
  • 2 lead magnet funnels
  • MailChimp Email Sequences
  • Email Campaigns Scheduled
  • Book Mockup
  • Branded Workbook
  • Switched from MailChimp to ActiveCampaign
  • Email templates designed
  • Sales Page elements and design
  • Payment Options setup using AccessAlly
  • Branded Workbooks
  • Ongoing site update and membership contents
  • Website update
  • Contact form set up
  • Lead magnet set up in a WordPress site
  • Added opt-in forms to specific blogs
  • Email Sequences in ConvertKit
  • System Integration with Shopify and ConvertKit
  • Online course complete setup in Teachable
  • Switched from Madmimi to ActiveCampaign
  • Email Templates Designed
  • Website Clean up
  • Lead magnet funnel
  • Email sequences
  • Email campaigns scheduled
  • Free webinar funnel
  • Ongoing website update using Squarespace
  • Sales pages for programs
  • Sales Page Elements and Customized Payment Plan using WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Weekly Accountability Emails and worksheets
  • Ongoing program portal update
  • Scheduled email campaigns

Let’s do it!

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